My. Something.

My. Something.

As a child, I would sit in that building and wonder, just wonder.
& sure, I knew all the prayers, rituals.
I recited and practiced them daily.
But things just never felt right to me there, as if I was missing something.

Some. Thing.

Through my teens, 20s, 30s, I faithfully continued
& through it all, I kept waiting, hoping for my something to arrive.

The something I was searching for did arrive one day
& hit me like a ton of bricks.
But, I wasn’t in a church.
My something was right here.


Right where it had been all along.

I sometimes feel a tug of guilt because I stopped visiting the building called church.
Then I ask, why ?!?
My church is everywhere.
It’s on my walks.
It’s in my home.
It’s with my family.
It’s in a song.
It’s every sunrise and sunset.
It’s Everything.
It’s Everybody.

It’s every, single, brand new today.
Once I discovered this promise, this treasure, I’ve looked at life through a new set of eyeballs …

My Friend

Puzzle Piece

‘Cause Jesus Told Me So

With You For You And You

Above The Rain

Simple Things

And When

Dancing With Jesus

I applaud your patience with this person dubbed, Me, Jesus.
You truly are my pal, my confidant, my

Best Friends Forever

My. Something.


Today’s Song