Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

Why He puts up with me is a complete mystery.
If I were Him, I’d have stopped listening a long, L O N G time ago
& I sometimes wonder if He ever thinks, “ahhhhhh geez ! not again !!”

He’s there for me when I’m not even there for me.
When I’ve given up and I tell Him, “no, seriously, I’m done, I can’t”, He just sits back, let’s me rant, rave and cry cry cry.
Then He hands me His ever so gentle “Oh. Yes. You. Can.”
& I know He’s right
& so, I try again.
For Him, for me.

I have never, ever had a best friend like this best friend.
He’s genuine and kind and I cannot begin to describe how much I need Him and how very much I trust Him.

Just last week, after a few very wonderful days, I gave Him my solemn vow, and I swore, SWORE that THIS time !! I will stay on track and THIS TIME I will not sway
& guess what ?
After a few not as wonderful days as those previous wonderful days,
I swayed, I questioned, I wondered, I whined
& still, there He was with His “it’s ok”

Because it is ok
& He always, always helps me find that ok

He shows me time after time after time that He’s got this
& all I need to do is follow
& it took me awhile, a much too long while to hear Him, to see Him, to believe Him.
But, now that I have ?
Oh yeah.
This and He are real.
Very, very real.

I’ve been known to tell a person or two about Him with my “Jesus Baby !!”
& as I do, they patiently hear me out with their ‘I get it’ smile but, I wonder if they GET it, get it.
So today, I need to say it again.

He is my constant and my confidant.
My forever helper.
The keeper of my secrets, my steady hand, my rock, my everything
& I truly love Him so.

Thank You for putting up with me, BFF
& next time I sway when I’ve pinky sworn promised never to sway again ?
Just bop me upside my head and remind me
how very much you love me too.


My Friend