Hey, Green Comet

Hey, Green Comet

Some say, you’ll arrive soon.

Others inform,  you’re already here

& yep. I’ll be able to view your once in a lifetime brilliance by simply gazing at the northern sky after sunset,

or was it sunrise ?? and er, hold on, maybe I won’t need binocs or a telescope after all ??

Any which way, I’m pretty certain I’ve made it clear, I’m a fan of all things universe

Super Duper

Oh Venus

Before Sunrise

but this real time go around, your flyby, G.C., I’ll most likely miss


But no worries, friend, the simple fact you’re out there is alllll I need to know. For I am but a spec, a dot, a minuscule mini and the very existence of me and you, Green Comet, absolutely blows my mind

& humbled, amazed, appreciative, whether I witness your zippy-ness or not, I soooo intend to be.

! ! ! weeeeee ! ! !


And When


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