Hey, Green Comet

Hey, Green Comet

Some say, you’ll arrive soon.

Others inform,  you’re already here

& yep. I’ll be able to view your once in a lifetime brilliance by simply gazing at the northern sky after sunset,

or was it sunrise ?? and er, hold on, maybe I won’t need binocs or a telescope after all ??

Any which way, I’m pretty certain I’ve made it clear, I’m a fan of all things universe

Super Duper

Oh Venus

Before Sunrise

but this real-time go around, YOUR flyby, G.C., chances are, I’ll miss.


But no worries, friend, the simple fact you’re out there is alllll I need to know. For I am but a spec, a dot, a minuscule mini and the very existence of me and you, Green Comet, absolutely blows my mind

& humbled, amazed, appreciative, whether I witness your zippy-ness or not, I soooo intend to be.

! ! ! weeeeee ! ! !


And When