Oh Venus

Oh Venus

Pardon my grainy attempt at a fantastic picture

for she is much more glorious in person.

And I googled, just to be sure.

Yep, Venus, she is

Like a friend anticipating my arrival, she waits in the early a.m. darkness, the lone bright in my sky. I wish her a good morning ! and thank her for her presence because seeing her fills me with happy.

She couldn’t possibly know of my struggles, could she ?? Of how the words that would flow so easily have dammed up in a stubborn stance with their eh, not today

& even though I’ve been reminded by the kind souls who notice and care

to shhh, just shhh, she must realize I need an extra nudge this time.

And as she fades into today’s brand new beginning

I smile.

Thank you, Venus. Your single, shiny sparkle has become my inspirational go-to and you being outside my back window at precisely this moment in time ?? You couldn’t possibly know of my struggles, could you ?

could you ??

!! 🙂 !!

♥ see you tomorrow, Venus ♥

With You For You And You