Thanks, Lin

Thanks, Lin

They’ve listened for years.

Y E A R S.

Brother, Husband, Sis and Sis. Devoted followers of this station, they would take turns persuading me to give it a try, just TRY.  But nope. NOPE. There I’d be, each and every time, stuck in my lite rock stubbornness. NOPE.

Until one day, for no apparent rhyme or reason, I turned that car radio dial to 93.1 and became instantly intrigued. A calm, comfortable someone chatting about something or another caught my attention and bam, stuck on this man and his easy enthusiasm, I became. He was the midday guy, so I’d catch that voice as I’d drop Husband off at his exercise place, happily listen to/from my walking trail and again while waiting for Husband to reenter the car. Yep. This became my and Lin Brehmer‘s routine for I don’t know how many hours. He, doing what he loved to do. Me, grateful I had found him. Us, sharing smiles, memories and music.

Then a day, last July, came along with Lin explaining he’d be taking time off for personal reasons but hey, no worries, he’ll be back. I remember thinking BUMMER. but never changed that channel, for now I was truly a fan of XRT.

November rolled around and yes indeed !! Lin will return on Monday !! his cheerfulness informed. Yippee ! I texted Brother and Sis. Lin’s coming back !! And so Lin and I began, again, with him explaining his medical biz, me clinging to his words. When he mentioned the good people of Northwestern Memorial Hospital  helping him on his difficult path, I teared up as a rush of remembrances embraced me. Another human to human connection with this dj. And DANG, Lin, I’m so glad you’re here for me to hear you, I whispered, as our one-sided friendship  continued.

Last week was a busy one, and it wasn’t until Wednesday when I noticed someone else handling Lin’s gig, Thursday and Friday too …  I hope he’s ok. Maybe just on vacation

& then a text from Bro …. did you hear about  …


I’m sorry I took so long to find you, XRT.  Like you, I feel I’ve lost a pal, a buddy, a bff. I missed out on extraordinary, for sure, wrapped up in simple genuineness, common sense and pure joy.

My dashing here and there won’t be the same without you, Lin Brehmer, but your delighted just to be here energy is embedded in my heart and I’m sure wherever you are now … ooooh, wherever you are now …

Thanks, Lin.


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