Decorating Thankful

Decorating Thankful

A box of colorful pencils, a pad of pastel paper and two grandboys eager to get the day rolling. And since this was Thanksgiving morn, a gratitude wall we decided to create with the unassumingly clear question of … what are YOU thankful for ??

Our plan was to get all peeps gathering for the big feast to fill out this short survey before the busyness began so a portrait of delight would surround our eats. But the glee of being back together for this holiday was a way toooooo easy distraction and early bird responses

we proudly displayed.

And I’m thinking, maybe I’ll keep this up for a while. And I’m wondering, should I include with Christmas lights ?? And I’m gushing, what a beautiful every day reminder !! And I’m hoping to feel these awesome feelz forever because, as always, it’s the simple things that shine the absolute brightest.

With Grandboy’s this is you, Gramma Jacki.

I’m thankful for you.

& his big bro’s newly discovered bubble writing skills of

pure genuineness softly whisked itself in and placed us into a warm, wonderful vibe. And when this sincerity arrived ??

yeah-huh. clarity.

It took this sidetracking grandma a bit longer to add words, but when I sat myself down to scribble a thought …

is what came to mind. I’m SO. INCREDIBLY. BLESSED. to share space on this planet with beautiful souls like YOU and YOU and YOUYOUYOUYOUYOU !!!

& yep !! Christmas lights around a Thanksgiving collage sounds like THE perfect way to decorate.


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