said in a humph as I’d grab my mitt or toy or game-piece or whatever Sibling and I happened to be arguing about in this way, waaaaay back in the day memory. And there I’d stomp or cry or tattle or hide in my room …


But what then / then what ?? I’m asking of my childhood self. Please remind me, ’cause I really can’t recall. How did I get over my huffy-puffy angst ?? Who helped me open that door to try again ? Mom, Dad, an apologetic sib ?? Different circumstances called for a cornucopia of techniques, I’m sure, but DANG,  I sure could use a dose of those magical powers now.

Because I want to quit, bad.

Just stop.


& yes, dear followers, you have heard this whine before.



And with the patience of a saint, there you wait, through my waa waa waaaaaaaaaa-s and there you always, ALWAYS are with your Oh Yes I Can lifts and encouragement and I honest to goodness, truly, do not know what I would do without YOU.

But THIS time.


I’m thinking I need to step away from Twitter with it’s where the heck does my blog go after I toss it into the vortex ?? and even Instagram, where a majority of my happy crew gathers.


But again I ask, this time to my grown-up self … WHAT THEN / THEN WHAT ?? For my sentences will continue regardless … cause my inner voice insists, I must.


But I’m tired, man, I’m just tired of repeating words that no one hears. I’m tired of the endless void of ugliness. I’m tired of saying, it’s easy if you TRY !! when it’s obvious a whole lotta souls would rather not. So yeah, I guess this is my official step away, gone fishin’, see ya soon … or ??

! ! Yet Again ! !

… or I’ll ! ! poof ! ! get over it and be back tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging in there, my friends. Thanks for listening, Thanks for not paying a bit of attention to today’s  selfish rambles, but most of all THANK YOU for believing. Because you and I are very aware, I ain’t ever going to quit.


& YaY

I love me a dose of those magical powers.


With You For You And You






4 Replies to “I. QUIT.”

  1. The words will still flow from you – they always have ❤️ We would appreciate you continuing to share 🤗 ☀️