Hey :) Bright

Hey :) Bright

I could kick myself from here to tomorrow because as I was wallowing in the feel sorry for me waaaa-s yesterday,  the power of positivity walked it’s wonderful self in, sat it’s determination down, gave me a GIGANTIC a-HEM !! and reminded me of just how delightful life can be when one turns off the negative

& just. like. that.

I’d give you a list of the happy-s that sprinkled in and around and upon, but instead, picture a light switch with allllllll it’s shine, opening these eyeballs to to the right THERE and THERE and THERE THERE THERE !!

& WoW

A BIG DUH Trophy I present to me though, ’cause I know this stuff already ! I write about it constantly !! I realized a long, L O N G time ago, when I seek, I will find
& seeeeeeee ??
The brightness is ALWAYS there.

So why am I rambling on about sunshiny views, yet again, this morning ?
Because I’m thinking maybe someone who is reading this might be cluttered up in dismal
& I’m hoping my words will help.

Do not allow that negative in.
Don’t let it pick at your brain.
Tell it to go away.
Take that broom and Sweep. It. Out.
just sweep it out.
Make the decision to find the positive in everything and you WILL find the positive in everything
& once you find that happy, it will change your outlook, your attitude, your life.


Hey, Bright ?? Your patience with me deserves a round of applause

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thank you for reminding me of the simple, the beautiful, the oooooh sooooo obvious. And, um, next time I come thisclose to allowing negativity in ??

I hereby grant you that kick from here to tomorrow.


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