Almost ♥ Didn’t

Almost ♥ Didn’t

I almost didn’t today. Didn’t write, that is, ’cause sometimes it feels as if I’m talking to no one, to the wall, to a vortex of helloooooooooo, is anybody out there ??!??


& other times, I honest to goodness just have nothing to say, there’s nothing upstairs, my mind is elusive and BLANK. And I discovered long ago, if it ain’t there, don’t force. Inspiration will arrive eventually … soon … some day …


But there’s this part of me that insists I sit my bottom in this chair and try. just try. So. Here I am, trying.

& why the blahhhhh mood, you wonder ?? Beats me !! I reply. All was perfectly swell when I closed my eyeballs last night.

& hmmm …

As I look outside, a beautiful sunrise is right this instant happening

& the clouds are smiling !! with their another day, another chance mantra. And DANG, I LOVE AUTUMN. The colors are doing what Fall colors do

… and WoW.


So I glace at my phone and I notice words

and I am reminded of what an absolute privilege it is to be here and now, so what the heck, Self ?? Snap outta your glum

and realize today is going to be absolutely FABULOUS because I choose it to be.


Hey, Almost Didn’t ??

I’m happy I did.


‘Cause Jesus Told Me So