Confused Chronology

Confused Chronology

We turn our tv to the local news each a.m. to catch the weather and see what’s up in this world, but since most every BREAKING !! story those cheerful somebodies relate has a pessimistic tilt and since Husband and I are trying our darnedest to keep negativity to a minimum, flip the channel, asap, is what we do

& yep, MeTV, it’s back to simpler times we go, with Leave It To Beaver, Perry Mason … you know, the oldies but goodies.

Most days, if it remains on, the television becomes background noise. And although I prefer birds chirping and random open window noises to that yappin box, I’ve acclimated myself to eh and lost in daily biz I roam …

But every once in a while, ooooh, every once in a while, it’s as if certain words or sayings or exclamations leap up and out with a !! LOOKY HERE !! alert !!!! and yep, I can’t help but notice.

why so sour ?!?



ohhhh, Back In The Day, priceless !! you truly are

Just last week I heard a little something that sums things up in a nutshell …

I’ve confused my chronology.

& if that ain’t perfect ??!??

I’ve confused my chronology.

It’s sooooooo me !! I ADORE chronological and yet I confuse my chronology all the time

!! weeeeee !!

Thanks, MeTV. Pleasant times and memories are what you do best and I appreciate your distant hummmm to my mornings more than I can say

Confused. Chronology.

oooooh, that’s a good one

& Yay.

I’ve found my new go-to.


Simple Things





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