Say Cheese

Say Cheese

I have a mini obsession with cameras.
Don’t know why.
I figure it must be a previous life thing.

I love them.

I have a box filled with old, wonderful cameras in my closet.
I just can’t throw them out.
My plan is to put my cameras in my antique room.
If I ever have an antique room.

So, you figure if I have a thing for cameras, I must have a thing for photos too.
I do.
I have many, many, photos.
At last count, there are thirty photo albums pleasantly stacked in a corner of my room.
Sitting right there, next to my collection of record albums.

The books date back to 1977 or thereabouts.
That’s a good chunk of my life.

Good news though …!
The photos are in chronological order.

Back when those albums were brand new, I would write the name of each person, mark the date, and place each picture ever so nicely in it’s orderly spot.
How tidy of me.

It’s because I love chronological order.

When the digital camera entered my life it really messed me up.
No longer could I just take my roll of film to the store and have the store people handle it.


Mr Digital Camera Guy had to make life complicated for my non technological brain.
Thanks, guy.
Thanks a lot.

My chronological, orderly, named and dated photo collection came to an abrupt stop.
I just didn’t ‘get’ digital.
I could not compute.
& it breaks my heart just thinking about it.

I want my roll of film back, please.

I do have random pictures of birthday parties and other important events tucked away in an album or two.
Thanks to an occasional kind soul who would walk me through the digital printing process.
The majority of my photos, though, are hanging around in computer land.
Wandering aimlessly.
Wondering where the heck are their photo albums ?!?

Picture taking is just no fun anymore….!….
Life isn’t life until you experience flashbulb eyes.

Dot. Dot. Dot.

If I ever own a camera shop, I’m bringing back film and flashbulbs.
& I’m naming my shop ‘Chronological Order’.

You’re welcome to join me there.

I’ll show you my treasured box of  ‘I’ll never throw these away’ cameras.
& I’ll tell you all about my antique room.

If I ever have an antique room.