Incorrectly Joined

Incorrectly Joined

& um. ok. sooooo what’s your point, Google Proper Grammar Team ?? I’ve joined those sentences incorrectly pretty much my whole, entire writing career. It’s what I do and errr, you may or may not have noticed but, I’m not your average. I stray off the road of correct punctuation quite often with my just because !! exclamation points !! and I like to place a space between my question and my question marks ’cause ?? why not ?? I think it looks cuter that way !! Oh, and sometimes I forget a comma or put quotations marks where italics should be & I really like the & sign !! and I’ve been known to enjoy way too many dot dot dots … simply because I adore dots and those paragraphs !!?!! Where in the world are my conventional paragraphs ??

& shhh. Don’t tell anyone but, yep !! even those books of mine out there in Amazon-Land contain a flaw or three … ( #wip )





& ain’t that just wonderful ???

Because somewhere in this L ON G and oftentimes painful process of writing and writing and !! WRITING !! I have found meeeeeeee and it turns out, I kinda, sorta, really, truly am very ok with this someone dubbed ME. And every day, as I sit at this laptop and take a gander at my very own words written on this creature dubbed Blog …

I am delightfully reminded of how I will continue doing no matter if I am the only human on this planet who notices. Because I’ve not only discovered my true-blue happiness, I’ve realized it’s been right here with me allllll along.

So. YaY.

& I know I’ve said this a trillion times but just in case you didn’t catch it

Find it. Live it. BE your Happy.

& if that includes run-ons, way too many ! ! ! ! and incorrectly joining those sentences ??

!! weeeee !!



I’ll be ME



Every single everyone of US will be.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Oh Yes I Can