Both Sides

Both Sides

Anyone remember the song Both Sides Now ??  It’s a FANTASTIC tune with perfect lyrics and it’s been rolling through my brain for days

& hmmm. Let’s see …

Sister works at a funeral home

Niece is a nurse

and together, they make quite the tag-team.


Nephew has seen a lot through his pharmacist eyes and there are quite a few teachers in my life who have serious questions about going back to school. Top that with the fine folks I know who are out there working and being and trying to find what once was considered normal.

I know people who have experienced Covid-19 firsthand, those who had to separate from loved ones with 2-week quarantines, those who have uprooted their medical careers because of the mental health toll and families who’ve been torn apart with their receive or refuse vaccination stance …

And although Husband and I are loud and proud FULLY since April 15, 2021 and all the people we share time with have done the same, we continue to keep it tight. Because when one spends 74 days in a hospital (June 24th) one does not want to repeat.

I know when I get right down to it, I don’t HAVE to wear that mask around others anymore, but I do. And if mandated to lock down again or whatever else is deemed necessary to control this beast, I’d in a heartbeat comply because I care about you and her and him and they and them and I honest to goodness don’t understand how something as serious as a worldwide pandemic could divide and confuse and morph into what it is today. Try as I might to live by the mantra I live my life, you live yours … my biz, your biz … etc … I’m so incredibly saddened by the follow the leader society we’ve become and I guess, all I’m asking is to please, PLEASE educate yourself. I mean really, REALLY. Step away from the 24/7 breaking news yappers and the self proclaimed know-it-alls on social media and find those answers for your VERY. OWN. SELF.

’cause hey, I may be doing this all wrong, according to you and you might be doing this all wrong, according to me, but I’m trying my darnedest to see what you see and I’m sooooooo hoping you’re trying your best too. And instead of scrambling around like ants whose hill just got walloped by a gigantic foot, how’s about we talk and discuss and look for that compromise

& yep, Both Sides. It sure makes me wonder, who’s controlling the wheel.

Is it US or is it Covid ?


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