& sing

& sing

First thing yesterday morning, I happened upon these lovely words

& I thought ! ! YaY ! ! because IT’S TRUE ! !  and if sings to the dawn ain’t the most inspiring mantra ever, I surely can’t imagine what is

♥ weeeeee ♥

Anyways. I saw. I loved. I saved. I happily carried on.

So. There I was going about my a.m. biz when all of a sudden !! WAM !! attached to a WHATTHEHECKWASTHAT??!!?? exclamation from Husband.

Turns out, it was this guy.

He had flown himself right smack dab into our not yet open, sliding back door and !! OUCH !! Dude !! OUCH. (And just so you know, I really, truly, honestly could feel your pain, little fella, ’cause truth be told ?? Been there. Done that. Maybe not exactly how you accomplished, but similar, I’m sure)

& there that tiny critter sat. And sat. And sat. A solid 20 minutes, easy, and completely stunned, for sure. And as I’m pleading with him to please, PLEASE don’t expire right in front of my very eyeballs, he blinked.

He ♥ Blinked

as if to reassure, I’ve GOT THIS, crazy human. And if you don’t mind ?? a little privacy in this extremely embarrassing moment would be nice !! sheesh.

Just how long he hunkered in that tripod position, I’ll never know. But when Husband and I returned from our appointments and running around, Mr Clobbered was nowhere to be found.


Sitting on the deck instead was a purple-y, poop-y, ewww-y reminder of where he recovered. And DANG, guy, I sighed. I’m glad you survived.

Which leads me straight back to


In the darkest of dark, in the most awfullest of moments, when life’s hit you hard and you think you absolutely, positively cannot possibly get back up ?

Wallow, if you must, but after you do ?? Shoooooooo away those cobwebs, grab those bearings


& sing.


Oh Yes I Can




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