An Old Desk. A Leaky Aquarium.

An Old Desk. A Leaky Aquarium.

Two definite throwaways, but since it was freezing cold the day we decided our front room needed rearranged, hurriedly placed on the back deck, they were, and brrrrrr!! back to the warmth of inside we stepped.

Spring arrived with it’s ok. now we have no excuse !! And still they sat. An old desk. A leaky aquarium. And a solemn mantra of NEXT GARBAGE DAY, THEY’RE OUTTA HERE !!



until the one a.m. when a hmmm. I’m thinking about …

Next step, according to the guy I call Husband, is to cut off the tips so flowers will bloom. And I suppose I should, I could, but I’ve deemed this chore HIS to protect those little lovelies from my not so green thumb. Instead, I’ll watch, I’ll ponder, I’ll applaud the awesomeness of nature and it’s continued reminder of the beauty available when one simply, casually, delightfully leans into the bright.

Yep. Soil. Seeds. Sunlight. An occasional rainstorm.

I agree, Life, it really is that easy

& YaY.

That old desk and leaky aquarium never looked so good.


And When