Hey Jude

Hey Jude

Repeated with a giggle as she celebrates 14 years  …

My mama was a big Saint Jude fan.
I mean BIG.
She loved the guy
& I would place a hefty wager, her adoration continues.
I’m pretty darn positive once she got past those pearly gates, said HI to Jesus and her peeps, she found Saint Jude.
They are now heavenly pals.

St Jude was everywhere in our house.
Pictures, statues, holy cards.
Siblings and I each received and were asked to carry a Saint Jude medal with the hope we’d always keep him near.
The grandchildren and great grandchildren were also advised of the power of the man.

Through the years, when one of us would hit a bump in the road, Mom would call upon her buddy, Jude, for help.
He is the Patron Saint of Lost Causes.

Lost causes ?!!? gee, thanks, Mom we’d giggled every time.

Mom never doubted her beloved Saint Jude and his prayer of help in desperation
& in return, he was a very devoted friend.
Mr. Jude ALWAYS came through to help Mom solve her woes and calm her worries.

Dad has a family picture that sits on the shelf where Mom kept it.
It’s from their 40th wedding anniversary.
Brothers, sisters, mother and father all shined up and pretty for that special day.
Everyone smiling in unison, nobody blinking or looking like a goof.

Mom faithfully kept Saint Jude near that momentous picture, but she turned the statue so that her guy was  staring, concentrating on us.

No looking into the living room, dude.
You have to be on constant guard of this motley crew.

One day, when I was very much feeling the need for the Saint Jude magic, I took that little statue and scotch taped him directly onto me.
That’s right.
Forget all the other people in the picture.
I’m the most desperate right now.
Help ME, mister.

There he was.
Hanging in midair, scotch taped to yours truly.
C’mon Saint Jude, I whispered … do your thing !
& with my selfish mission accomplished, I confidently said talk to you tomorrow to Mom and Dad and went back to my house.
I neglected to mention that I had strapped Saint Jude to ME.

The next morning, I answered the phone to a quite befuddled and very exasperated Mom.
JACKI ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!
Seems my mother had experienced a jump out of her skin moment.

She was dusting and came across Saint Jude
& was convinced she had just witnessed a supernatural phenomenon.
A hovering Saint Jude ! Here to save her desperate Jacki !
Quick ! Call a priest !

After Mom settled down, we laughed until we cried
& every time I go to Dad’s, I smile.
Like a sentry soldier, that statue is still holding vigil.

The tag team of all tag teams.
The Dynamic Duel.
Together forever.
My mama and her BFF miracle worker, Jude
& with the daily earful he receives from that little lady … ? …
The man really IS a saint.



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