I first noticed them in the sky
& I thought
!! PRETTY !!

but when I saw the pond,


Now THAT’s when I really paid attention.



The gentle breeze with it’s lighthearted dance brought my eyes so many shades of motion that day
& so,
I happily tucked the warm, wonderful feeling away, thinking I’m going to write about ripples one day.


Enter: People.

People can be SO DARN NICE.

In their words.
In their gestures.
In their random awesomeness

& just when I’m feeling, no matter what I say, no matter what I do, this world and it’s negativity …?…
gaaaa !!

along comes a simple act of kindness
or a memory from the past
or a beautiful soul with perfect timing
or a smiling hello
or a pat on the back
or a shared song
or a
or a
or a …..

& I am reminded, once again, of the incredible power of ONE.

One person with one thoughtfulness.
Hey ! that turns into two people with two neighborliness
& that turns into four people with four considerateness
& yeah, we all know I’m not all that fond of Arithmetic, but this sure sounds like a mighty BIG something to me.


They are here.
They are there.
They are absolutely everywhere.

All we have to do is notice.



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