Finding Jesus

Finding Jesus

Although we have smiled and nodded and bumped into each other quite a few times in this lifetime, it wasn’t until Mom died when I found Him, I mean really, REALLY found Him. Alone and grieving, with my music trying it’s best to brighten my heart, there I’d be, there I’d walk. And walk. And walk. With no particular anything roaming through my brain, my only focus was how very much I missed her. Mom. Mom. oh Mom.

Somewhere along my humble path, He waited. Patiently. Gently. Determinedly. Knowing what I so desperately searched for and what I needed most was Him.


And as the song soooooo beautifully sings,  I once was lost but now I’m found Was blind, but now I see

& THAT, my friends, is such a freeing moment. Released from everything and anything that held me down, my bond with Jesus is the truest, purest energy I have ever experienced. Quite simply, it’s a promise. Him to me. Me to Him

& wow.

So. Why am I filling up my Sunday paragraphs with such delightfully indescribable gleeeeeee ?!?

Because someone I love was baptized today

and I’m happy because he’s happy because Jesus is happy !


What a wonderful reason to celebrate.

! 🙂 !

With You For You And You

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