Featured Creature

Featured Creature

Pulled from waaaaay down deep in the archives, just for you, on this Halloween Eve.

! Enjoy !

Back in my growing up days, there was a tv show called Creature Features.
It was on every Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. Or so says my memory.

Dracula, Werewolf, Mummy, Frankenstein.
Those guys.
In good ol’ black and white.


If Brothers, Sisters and I were well behaved, we were allowed to stay up and watch
& if we were really, really proper and peaceful, we would receive a glass of pop and O-ke-doke Cheese Popcorn.

Oooooo, how I adored O-ke-doke Cheese Popcorn.
I still do.
I love those cheesy, popped just right kernels so much I don’t want them anywhere around me.
I must keep them away.
Far, far away.
Because I will eat them.
All of them.


it’s true.

There we were.
Family and I.
Hunkered down and ready to watch Creature Features.
Cheese popcorn.
Glass of pop.
Blankets and pillows.

! ! Fun ! !

And then …
The show would start.

I’m pretty sure I never made it past the first ten minutes.
Those creatures scared the ba-gee-gees out of me !
& don’t tell my siblings, but I would pretend to be asleep just so I wouldn’t have to witness.
It was THAT traumatizing.
I know I missed a lot of cheese popcorn time, but I didn’t care.


The Wolfman was the worst.

If I knew he was going to be the featured creature, I’d be especially exhausted.
That transformation from man to beast is still stuck in my head.
It was a nightmare waiting to happen, so I faked sleep instead.


Every Sunday morning I would be told what an awesome movie I missed
& Younger Bro would often comment how odd that I could never stay awake.
I know. I KNOW. I would reply.
I was just sooooo darn tired.

I realize he knew of my deep, dark, cowardly secret, but silence = more O-ke-doke in his belly.
Lots more.


Nowadays, if I happen to catch one of those oldies on the tv, I just laugh.
What in the world was I so frightened about ?!?
Creature Features ?!?
Really ??
It wasn’t scary at all.


never mind.

Yes, it was.
Yes, it is.

Especially that wolfman.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! Maaaaaaaaaaa ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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