It’s Always A Nice Day

It’s Always A Nice Day

So. I stopped at Walgreens the other day
& as I entered, I was welcomed by two pleasant souls who were happy to see me
& yeah, they were employees of the establishment and are probably advised to be nice to the customers, but good for them !

After picking up what needed to be picked up, I ventured over to a cashier.
But, hold on, there was a mix-up of some sort and would I mind waiting for just a moment ?
It won’t take long.
Nooooo problem ! I replied, because it really wasn’t.
I paused for what amounted to maybe a whole three minutes and the smiling girl behind the counter softly apologized and genuinely thanked me for my patience
& when we finished up our biz, she wished me a very good day.
Thanks ! You too ! were my words back to her.


I was strolling out with my bag of goods, but had to carefully veer to my right to socially distance avoid an older gentleman who was exiting at the same time.
The two ladies who greeted my arrival offered theirย Have A Nice Day ! in gleeful unison to him, to me as I went out one door and he the other.
We both smiled and waved and wished them the same.

I was step, step, stepping back to my vehicle, when I heard his quiet voice from behind.

It’s ALWAYS a nice day.

I turned around to see the most wonderful light of a happy human being looking right, smack dab into my eyeballs.
I exclaimed ! It most certainly is ! ! !
& held back the urge to give this kind stranger a BIG HUG !!


I drove back home with a heart full of cheer
& today, I am thinking !! Thank You, Positive People !!
You’ve reminded me, yet again.

You want upbeat ?
You want grumpy ?

It’s alllllll in the way you look at things.

That sunshine is RIGHT THERE.
or that storm cloud will stay.

It’s. Your. Choice.

Either way, here’s to a very, VERY nice day !!




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