She left in the quiet of the early morning hours

& I repeat these words because I will miss her so.

The wind has been roaring like a freight train since yesterday and my weather peeps advise it shall continue throughout today

& brrrr.

Winter has been putting on quite the show lately. Snow, ice, record cold, seemingly endless extremes and still, she stands

& forgive me if you’ve heard these words too many times before but, I can’t stop myself !! for it is with her, during the intense harshness of Winter, where I find complete solace.

She is my Cottonwood
& I so love her so.

I’ve loved her since the very first day I saw her because we somehow, someway, strangely, wonderfully connect.
It is something I cannot and do not try to explain but cosmic, I am sure, it is.

I share the sunrise with her every morning.

I stare at her in the night.

She is and has been my constant for thirty-plus years.

The storms my tree has seen are many

& I’ve safely watched from inside as she tackled them all.
Gusts that have knocked down some of the others are a mere nuisance to her.
She was even hit by lightning once
& although it did some damage and left a scar, she continues.

As I gaze out my window at her this morning, I know she is tired.
She’s lost her bark and all her leaves.
Age and that startling bolt have worn her down.
But, still she towers.
She is my big, bald, feeling the years but determinedly stubborn, Oh Yes, I Can !! Cottonwood
& she remains the prettiest tree I have ever seen.

How I adore her.
She has been my strong, devoted friend through this life’s journey.
She’s my happy place on lovely days

& my comfort on the not so lovely.

She has always been “there” for me
& by standing sturdy and steady she has healed my heart more times than I dare count.

She reminds me each and every beautiful morning that there will be good days and there will be storms.
Stand tall.
Remain proud.
Bend but, don’t break
& defy those odds, baby.

& as Winter’s bluster keeps push, push, pushing, as that heavy ice annoyingly tugs and as that snow continues to pile up and up and up ….

I KNOW we will defy all odds.


Oh Yes I Can

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