Words Interrupted

Words Interrupted

Rolling thunder, the pitter-patter of raindrops,

coffee brewing, English muffin toasting, windows open, sweatshirt weather forecast-ed and a FaceTime with Son and Grandboys

& ahhhh.

I’m back.

I’ve been up since 4 a.m. but, that’s no surprise, I’ve been an early riser for a long while now. Pre-sunrise is where I find my words. It’s quiet, it’s comforting and it’s allllll mine. What’s surprising and somewhat selfishly frustrating though is I have company now, as the man who used to sleep until  !! like clockwork !! 7 has now discovered the joys of my secret time

& is it wrong of me to feel my whole, entire writer’s world has been completely and totally rocked ??

ok, ok, calm down, I tell myself. It’s not that big of a crisisThere’s plenty of time during an average day to pen this blog and creatures of habit sometimes have to change, just deal, girl, DEAL.

But, I was born under the sign of Taurus !! I retaliate and Taurus is known for being stubborn and determined and a Taurus hates being faced with tough and uncertain situations and needs stability to feel good.

(or so says Google because I just googled ).


A warm shower, a happy text, realizing it’s Sunday and those Chicago Bears will brighten my afternoon, a bowl of fresh fruit, birds chirping, a visit from Sister

& shhhh.

I’m back again.

I can do this, I know I can. I’ve been making adjustments and rearranging normal for quite a few months now. I will learn that I can share my creative space with the soul who accompanies this house, I’ll get used to those background noises that were never, ever there, I’ll handle the interruptions as they happen and I will ….

!! BA !!

A never gets old train whistle, a glance outside to see the squirrels frolicking in the rain, a yellow wildflower growing alongside my big, bald tree that went unnoticed until yesterday, a glass filled with ice cold water to keep my hydrating self hydrated, a …

& see ??

Taurus people appreciate the little things in life!

oh yes, Google, we do. It keeps us centered and mindful and aware of the fact that I will find the time, I will accept this intrusion into my brain waves and I WILL write as I can, where I can and when I can and


Hang on, patiently impatient Taurus, I’ll be right back. Again.



Oh Yes I Can