Dear Saint Anthony

Dear Saint Anthony

Please come down.
Something is lost and can’t be found.

My Auntie Virginia confidently spoke those words to me once.
Something was lost and Aunt Virge knew Saint Anthony not only could but, WOULD find it.
All I had to do was ask.
So, I asked.
& by golly, he found it.

I’ve used those wonderful words ever since.
Something’s lost ?
No problem.
Saint Anthony’s got this, he’ll find it.

My favorite Saint Anthony retrieve ?
Oh, that’s easy.
My cornicello ! aka, ‘little horn’.
It’s a tiny trinket I wear on my necklace of many trinkets.
My little horn protects me from the evil eye, at least that’s what my Sicilian Polish Mom always said.
I’ve had my powerful, petite evil eye protector since I was in high school
& yes,
I know.
That IS a long time.

One evening, as I was taking my necklace off, I realized my Italian horn had strayed away from my other medals.
I’ve been known to take an occasional roll call just to make sure everybody is there
& I don’t remember why I knew but, I was confident I had dropped my little cornicello in the driveway.
I felt certain I would find her in the morning.

Next day, bright and early, I went outside to look for my tiny friend but, she was nowhere to be found.
I looked and looked and looked more.

Don’t panic …
Don’t. Panic.

Boy, did I panic.
It was time to call the big guy.

Oh Saint Anthony !!
I need Youuuuuuuuuuu !
Hurry ! Hurry ! Hurry ! Please….!

I said that Saint Anthony prayer over and over and over again
& I still could not find my precious medal.
I knew Saint Anthony would find her though, it might take him awhile but, no worries.

So life continued.
Autumn turned into Winter.
Winter to Spring.

I would think about my cornicello quite often and remind Saint Anthony to please, pleaseeeeee keep looking.
He heard me.

One Spring day as I was walking out to my mailbox something sparkly caught my eye.
There sat my Italian medal shining in the sun.
She was right where I had dropped her.
Sitting in the spot I had searched a thousand times.
I squealed.
I danced.
It was a very happy reunion.

To this day I am amazed.
That little medal rested in my driveway from Autumn to Spring.
That’s a lot of rain, snow, shoveling and wind.
She sat there and waited patiently for me to find her again.
And I did.
I did.

What’s the point of my lovely lost and found story ?
This story I’ve told many times, this story which you are pretty darn certain you have heard before …?

Because not too long ago, we were walking across a busy street in Chicago when all of a sudden and just like that, unlatched they became and D O W N they tumbled and oh nononononono.

Lucky for me, I’m a quick thinker and so was the stranger who flat out, screech stopped dead in her tracks to help me and there we be, desperately picking up the medals of my needs to be retired chain on my I can’t because I love it so necklace before the stoplight turned colors

& whew.

Thank you sooooo much !!  I exclaimed as we parted ways and off she kindheartedly trotted as I counted my treasures, making sure everyone was there.

Without a thought, Son, Daughter #3 and I turned around and s l o w l y, carefully retraced our steps and YaY, here’s one more and ok !! I think we have them all. Yes!! 12 medals and 1 chain. Got em !!

but since that so many days ago day, every time I adorn that necklace, I’ve had this nagging feeling in the back of my brain that something was missing

& oooooh Saint Anthony !! I need you !! I’d occasionally sing because I knew he could, I knew he would

& yesterday, as I was sorting through and cleaning out a much too cluttered bag,


quietly huddled in a pocket, just sitting there waiting for me

& you’ve done it again !! my pal, Tony !! and I thank you so very much for your awesome find !

oh and just so we know ??

That’s 13 medals and 1 chain.



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4 Replies to “Dear Saint Anthony”

  1. Oh the memories this one brought back! Auntie Jeanette calling on “Tony” as they sometimes called him to look for the diamond she lost in her house in Lackawanna. Sure enough it was found tangled in the curtain in the bedroom! I have all my friends using Saint Tony! Lol

    1. A diamond tangled in the curtain describes our family in such a delightful way ♥ How I’d love to have been there for that search and find !!
      Thanks for the memory, Cassie ! You truly made my day ! 🙂 !! YaY Tony !!!

  2. our family poor st. tony he really gets a work out between me and your aunt chris he is working here everyday but he always does his job I alson learned to call on him for help from our aunts