That Big Ol’ Bus

That Big Ol’ Bus

His first day of Kindergarten was yesterday and waaaaaa.

Yep, right on cue, as if I haven’t experienced this a thousand times before with his daddy and 2 aunties, the happy tears, the burst of pride, the ohmygoshthisisreallyhappening !! gleeeeeeee came brand spankin’ new tumbling in

& wow. This grandma gig has a pretty amazing view

& oh, to the little nervousness that always accompanies unfamiliar. The I know I can and YOU know you can but getting over the hump of novice is a teensy bit scary

& that’s why I’m treasuring these feelz all over again. Because they did and he will.  He sooooo will.

A whole, entire, wonderful journey lies ahead for this brave little soul who cautiously, yet determinedly, placed himself on that big, ol’ bus on that very unique day

You’re new best friend is out there waiting for you, I’d whisper to the people I call Son and Daughters every single time they venture into blank pages and uncharted worlds

& guess what ?? I’ll bet they’re a pinch nervous too.

So cheers to all you newbies out there and here’s to keeping that bubbly feeling of excitement in and around and with you from now until forever. Let it drive, lead and help you discover the you you’re intended to be

& if you hear a muffled squeaky squeak in the distance ?!??

No worries.

It’s just me and my infinite joy for the incredible someone called YOU.


Oh Yes I Can