I Thank

I Thank

I started a list awhile ago when certain someones who know their mama all too well, took the worry of  groceries off my head and arranged for those miscellaneous this and that’s to be delivered to my doorstep.

Then there was the jolly group of ‘We GOT This !!’ peeps with weed whackers and trimmers in tow who tidied up my backyard days before our long planned family reunion, knowing I couldn’t get it done and how I hoped it looked nice

or how’s about those dedicated souls who understood my timidness and literally took me by the hand, walked me through my new path and stuck around until they knew I was confident enough to go it alone

or those wonderful words of hope arriving in my mailbox at the precise moment I needed them most

or that out of the blue, sincerely offered gift card that bought the much needed electric razor to his very scruffy face

or the twenty tucked into my hand for the word-find book they figured would help pass the hospital time.

The backpack purchased in the middle of the night because she was thinking about me. The just because I knew you’d love Him Jesus doll that warms my insides every time I glance his way

and the cross that hangs on those delightful flowers that brighten up his day and room.

The emails of it’ll be ok, the burden of bills eliminated with the stroke of a pen, the laundry done, meals made, dishes cleaned and the all you have to do is ask and I am THERE !!  declarations.

It’s those stopping your busy day visits to check in and the dropping  by because I happened to be in the neighborhood even though we both know you came wayyyyyy out of your way.

The doctors and chaplain and the purest of genuineness, the looks of concern and those big, BIG hugs, the be sure YOU take care of YOU, eat well and stay hydrated !!  reminders.

My list.

How I ADORE my list and each and every single one of you who have taken your moments to help, to ease, to prop and BE.

This road Husband and I have been placed upon has seen a multitude of twists and turns but YOU have remained determinedly steady and YOU are my superheros.

It’s the teeny. It’s the tiny. It’s the constant and the instant. It’s the no holds barred burst of love and the knowing we have YOU in our lives and by our sides

& for that and soooooo much more, YOU are forever etched into my heart

& I thank, oooooh how I thank.

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