Brother Robots

Brother Robots

Repeating one of my all time favorites on National Brother’s Day.


♥ ♥

Every other day or so, as Son and his boys head home from work and school, I get a check-in on what’s happening phone call.
Most times, it’s a noisy conversation with a lot of giggly background busyness from Mr Silly and Mr Happy.

Recently, as I was being informed about their adventures, Son asked his 3 1/2 year old to tell Gramma Jacki about the robots that came to the daycare
& as I listened to the coolness of that experience, I found out that these Grandsons of mine saw each other at the gathering that day.
Ahhhh, brothers ! my melting heart exclaimed, as seeing one another in that environment would be a new experience.
Long story short, when the younger boy spotted his older sibling, serious tears flowed because he so wanted to be near his favorite pal
& when asked what he did as he witnessed Little Bro in such distress, Big Brother proudly confessed, I cry.

& something about that precious, priceless moment in time just insists on happily hunkering in my head
& you want to know why ??
Because it’s Love in it’s simplest, purest, most glorious form is what it is
& I absolutely adore it !!

Imagine for a second, if we could bottle that instant up .. ? …
I love you and you love me sooooooo darn much that we can’t stand the thought of being apart, even for a second.


I know a few humans who might benefit from a dab or two of that powerful potion !
Here you go, Meanie. Try it. You’ll like it.
& wham.
Love rules.
Love thrives.
Love invigoratingly conquers this world.

ahhhhh, Love.
! Love !
Incredible, awesome, wonderful, love
perfectly explained, in an I cry flash.

Thanks for the reminder, Brother Robots.

I will do my very best to share your genuineness.



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