Casting Stones

Casting Stones

Thanks, Jesus, I so needed this reminder.

Because You and I know how self righteous I can every now and again become, with my holier than thou puffer-y

Yep. I’ve sooooo got everything figured out, right ??
and I’ve never, ever, EVER made bad choices or said hurtful words or missed mass on Sunday or coveted my neighbor’s this or that … or or or

Never. Ever.



You’ve heard every one of my secrets, Jesus, and You know how long it took me to find you again.
But You waited for me and you welcomed this often confused, wandering soul back with pure, unconditional, wide open arms.


with my flaws and ooops and gazillion I PROMISES

I guess all I’m asking on this brand new morning, Jesus, is to please, PLEASE help me realize, this Life ain’t all that easy and the road one selects might be an extended stay in wrong before it shines brilliantly right.
I need to step away from those easily thrown stones, whisper Your words of … WE who are without sin …

and love another as you always, ALWAYS love me.

My Friend