This Place

This Place

& so, I tried again later
and once more, just to be sure
& nope.

We’ve been this way before, Internet, but this time, instead of dilly, dally, fighting and fussing with your insistent  stubbornness, I stepped back to a place,

how I adore this place,
where the writer in me lives and thrives and jots and wonders and
notes, scribbles, wannabe poems, beginnings,
my beginnings
moments in time brought to a wait, hang on, I need to remember this sentiment with hope and trust and a humble whisper of maybe …
just maybe

It’s my treasure trove of wonderful, waiting their turn to be.
!! DANG !! I love to write.
And a sucker for pen and paper, I am.


Thanks for your amazing reminder, Internet.
Any ol’ next time you need another slow as molasses break,
I promise,

I won’t mind at alllllllll.


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2 Replies to “This Place”

  1. So glad you do enjoy being a writer and friend, as you have no idea how you bring hope and joy throughout our journey by your writings. Have a blessed day!