I Broke It

I Broke It

Because my internet is playing a funky game of Hide & Seek this am.
refusing to let me add pics to the awesome words I just wrote,
I offer this sweet rerun, instead
with BIG HUG wishes for a fabulous weekend …


♥ ♥ ♥

It happened suddenly and unintentionally.

A portion of a toy, broken


After looking it over a bit, yep, no biggie !!
Tape, glue ?
Sure !! it can be fixed.
Easy. Peasy.

What I found so delightfully refreshing and what stays in my mind today, were the pure, simple words that tumbled out of this two year old’s mouth.

I broke it

Spoken with ease, ownership, no holds barred, accepting all consequences, confirmation.

I. Broke. It.

& as the day moseyed along with evening eventually bringing us back to the place we began, after I had L O N G forgotten about this brief moment when an unbending plastic something innocently became unattached, there he sat with his determined reminder and that precious hand raised declaring, yes, it’s true, it was I who broke it

& wow.

Imagine, just imagine !! if we adults accepted this profoundly genuine lesson and actually lived it too ??
If we took proprietorship of our mistakes ??
If we were THAT true and honest to ourselves and each other ??
If we dared claim responsibility for each and every not so good decision or action or choice or idea we have made ??

uh huh.

I. Broke. It.
& I will accept everything that comes with my sincere, straightforward, true blue, upfront affirmation.

That’s a valuable lesson, Two.
Thanks !!
& yep,
I’m certain whatever it is, with such plain-spoken truth attached ??
anything can be fixed.