It’s A Given

It’s A Given

Truth be told, most days were a frantic rush to get this one here and that one there. Baseball and dance and homework and fast dinners, Science Fairs and sleepovers and birthdays parties and can you give us a ride to … ?

& quite frankly, the big picture of it all was easily swept up and tossed into a fuzzy blur of busy, busy, we are ALWAYS busy

oh and tired.

Nights of interrupted sleep when that sweet, little baby needed to be 2 a. m. fed or the doggone domino effect of everyone getting sick from a nasty flu bug or those sometime creepy nightmares or I need a drink of water, please !! when you just laid yourself down all cozy-cozy

& ugh

But what seemed unending and overwhelming and all consuming eventually slowed down and gradually stopped because children DO grow up

& it is here where I sit back and realize ! dang ! THAT went fast and ! wow ! I hope they know and uh-huh, I did my very best and and and …

& then I see those offspring gathered together for their sister’s wedding and I watch,  I witness, I hear, I appreciate

& while wrapped up in the warmth of pure sincerity during her Little Sis, Maid-of-Honor speech I am wonderfully drawn into the realm of where this all began

& I know with all my heart what was a given for me, has become a given for them. Built and nurtured by incredible souls L O N G before I became, this safety net of unconditional will be passed on and continued for generations after I am gone

& what once seemed fuzzy and blurry and  !! busy, busy, busy !! is suddenly, delightfully, gently and ooooh so infinitely  clear.

Simple Things