really, REALLY

really, REALLY

2016 was the last time this ol’ relic saw the light of day.
But since we are on the eve of December and these somewhat dated words bust out my giggles,
here you go, my friends.
Enjoy …

’tis the season.


! ! Holiday Party Time ! !


So today, I thought I’d offer up my list,
my List of Envy.
I really, REALLY Wish I Was …

The Dancer.
How I would LOVE to be you, Holiday Party Dancer.
You confidently know what you are doing out there on that floor, spinning, twirling, jiggy-ing
& You. Own. It.
You have your awesomely choreographed moves, while I have my way too much wine consumed, hoppity ! hop-hop.
Oh, Party Dancer.
Just. Once.
I really, REALLY wish to be YOU.

The Singer.
Yes, Karaoke Singer, I turn green just thinking about you,
you and your beautiful lalalala voice.
You are the belle of the ball
& I am POSITIVE I was you in another lifetime.
But, alas, I am now an infectiously melodious singer, trapped in a much too timid ! grab the earplugs ! body.
Oh, Karaoke Singer.
Just. Once.
I really, REALLY wish to be YOU

The Smoker.
I see you hanging outside in the cold, and I often wonder what it would be like to be you you you and you,
strangers, united with the bond of tobacco.
Laughing, conversing, connecting.
I’ve often wondered what you talk about, huddled in your Smokers Only Club
& I soooo want to know, yet it seems I never will.
Oh, Smoker.
Just. Once.
I really, REALLY wish to be YOU

& finally, appropriately …

The Bar Clique.
You, my friends, are forever the last to leave.
Even when you probably should have exited the premises HOURS ago, you stay.
You are champions of the Last Call, the GETOUTTAHERE
& I so admire you and your last person standing stamina.
Night after night.
Party after party.
Oh, Bar Clique.
Just. Once.
I really, REALLY wish to be YOU.

Yes, Party Partakers, it’s true.
I envy
& now that you know,
go, go, go ! and revel in some uniquely you, Holiday YOU.

! Holly Jolly !