The Original

The Original

I suppose feeling 99.9% crappy had something to do with it,
but accompanied with this gorgeous, taunter of my vibe shining bright ?


I could easily have burrowed Under My Sidewalk and lived there for, um, oh, maybe forever ??
That’s the heaviness I’ve glued upon myself these last few days
& I really can’t explain why.
But there I be, lost in a trance of URGH, every s l o w as a turtle step tag-teaming with IDON’TFEELSOGOOD, waa-waaaa, poor meeeeee.
& when my laptop decided to take a nosedive into ha-HAAAAAA, she’ll never be able to figure THIS out !!

well, there ya go, I muttered.
It’s a sign.
A definitive sign to stop.


Luckily, Dad had recently entrusted Mom’s

because I had inquired, knowing safely tucked away this classic was, patiently waiting to be rediscovered.

Talk about perfect timing.
My mama knew me best
& how I loved when she’d call me Jacki Ann …

Thumbing through, giggling at her silliness, understanding her wonders,
applauding her I AM WOMAN-ness,

there my mama sat, right by my side, enjoying our awesome memories.

ahhhhh, Mom.

The original Red Book, I’ve dubbed this treasure trove of YOU
and I will pass this gem around and around, so Family can feel your presence,
your love,
your inspiration.

Thank you for being my #1 fan,

for talking me off my self-imposed cliff,
for helping me feel 1,000 times better,
for reminding me, with signs of your own.

& dang, I miss you, Mom, but because of you,
for YOU

I will.
I so will.