Please Stay

Please Stay

he quietly exclaimed, as I grabbed my key, my sunglasses, my …
PLEASE stay, Gramma Jacki
& as my heart melted into bits, I pulled Grandboy 2 close and listed the somewhat lame-o reasons why Grandpa Buck and I were going to head home, with a we’ll be back next Saturday added as a p.s. ! there ya go ! easy-peasy offering

pleeeeeeeeease staaaaaaaaaay

& why  ??!!?? we did not stay that particular just one more, is lost somewhere in my brain now, dissipated, evaporated, poof, gone.
But as Husband and I inched out of that driveway, with Grandson, Grandson and friends grabbing their gear to do what they do and play what they play, the PLEASE STAY darting off to more important biz, I BIG HUGGED vibe-d that sweet, sweet soul
and yep, we’ll be back next Saturday.

… ♥ ♥ …

It has been 40 days since those two, simple syllables we’re whispered in my ear.
& dang, Life.
Lesson. Learned. FOR. SURE.
with your zig, your zags, your this, your that-s, a twist, a turn
and wham.
6 Saturdays later and we’ll finally be back.

YeP, Grandson
fast and fleeting these moments are,
this pricelessness, we share

& I promise, next time,
we will.


Simple Things