Apple Smiles

Apple Smiles

When an

smiles your way, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to be a good day.


Family and I began a wonderfully old, brand, spankin’ new tradition this past weekend.
A step back in time for us elders,


a peek into the future, for the young.
And after y e a r s of yappin’ we should, we should, WE SHOULD,ย 

sisters made it happen.
& yep.
We picked,

we sampled,

we laughed, we reminisced.
We tailgated,

wandered up,

and giggled down.

We cooled those toes,

BIG HUGGED and declared !! next year !! FOR. SURE.
It was simple joy, at it’s best.
‘Cause when an

smiles your way, it truly becomes a very good day.


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