The good news is, you’re in for a once a year treat ! !

The bad news ?
Those Chicago Bears are 0 – 3
I’m kinda, sorta, really bummed.

I’ve not shared this poem since September, 2021.
Why ??
Because I prefer not going there anymore.
Seriously, it’s only a GAME.
GET. OVER. IT. I continually remind myself
The Chicago Bears are 0 – 3
it’s Tuesday, two solid days after the fact and yep,
it’s true
I’m kinda, sorta, really (still ) bummed.



I’m stuck in a hole
I don’t want to move
I would rather just sit here and brood
When I get this way
Please leave me alone
Let me wallow in my bad mood

Want to eat everything
Or eat nothing at all
Won’t answer if you ask me what’s wrong
Blanket over head
I hide from the world
I’ll try not to be here too long

Doom and gloom’s what I feel
Dark and sad’s where I’ll stay
I will be planted here ’til midweek
So go do your thing
Stay out of my way
My world shall remain very bleak

Some think it is funny
Others say it is weird
And often wonder why I should care
Obvious to me
They have never known
The pure joy of saying “DA BEARS”

I’ll be back on that bus
By week’s end for darn sure
I have loved them forever and still
Just know if a win
Is not in the books
Best bet is to run for the hills !


I so love them so.