& A Half

& A Half

Remember when half birthdays were a really BIG deal ??
6 months !!
3 and a half !!
7 and 1/2 !!
10 1/2 !!


Somewhere down the line, maybe in my 30’s ?? maybe 40 … I kinda, sorta lost that excitable vibe and as I sit in the quiet of this a.m. I’m wondering why ??

I know a guy who’s 91 and 1/2 today.
I call him, Dad.
I’ve written about him, often.

♥ 90 ♥

He’s been walking this earth for

& when ya put it that way, Google, I’m thinking maybe I should bake a cake ?
Take him to lunch ?
Sing an impressive HAPPY BIRTHDAY song ?? as I’m feeling I might have dropped the ball,
sure wish I would have realized sooner …
But he’s not a fan of frills or fancy, so instead, I’ll gift my thanks to him, for his steadfast guidance, to the universe, for placing me into his life, to this brand new day and it’s realization of just how blessed I am

and we are.

!! Happy Half Birthday, Dad !!

You’re a really BIG deal.

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