! Spring !

! Spring !

It’s A Secret

Hello Winter


Yep, Winter, it’s been swell, but word on the street is !! Spring !! arrives in a matter of hours
& pardon my excitement, cause you know I honest to goodness, really do love your vibe, but yeah, it’s time, time for what Spring does best …

buds, flowers, green grass, frolicking critters, open windows. And with her rain, she gifts a cleanse, a wash, a rebirth like no other. She showers with hope and makes everything feel fresh, fluffy and beautiful, reminding me, again, that the darkest of clouds, the longest of seasons, eventually end
& there will always, ALWAYS be light after my tears,
after my storm,
after my Winter subsides.

so yay.


I thank you for your incredible lesson in patience, my hibernating pal, but your cab awaits, ’cause she’s here.
She’s HERE !
Spring is here.

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