Left Foot. Right Foot.

Left Foot. Right Foot.

I’ve tried my best to understand the enormity of what she’s been experiencing.
I’ve scribbled reminders,

I’ve listened, as she explained,

I’ve asked my share of questions in our oftentimes quick conversations, but only she knows the bare-bones of it all.

& yes, there was a time when I would tease her …

I’ve often told this youngest child of mine, when Jesus was passing out patience, she lingered a bit too long in the curly hair line.

but I happily take those words back,

& I know I speak for the entire family when I exclaim, !! PROUD !! we sooooooo are !! ’cause she accepted the good, she conquered the bad, she ate those frogs

and she


her way to this awesome here, now.

Congratulations, Doctor Daughter

! ! ♥ ! !

Oh yes, you can.
Oh !! YES !! you did.


Oh Yes I Can