’twas Lovely

’twas Lovely


I’m sitting here in the early morning hours, riding on the edge of bummer.
Those Chicago Bears lost on Sunday
& nothing personal, but we all know where my heart and brain would rather be right now.


& I could soooooo easily go there and wallow for a while, but nope.
Not this time.
Why ?
Because my Sunday and Monday have been jam packed with incredible amounts of lovely and I’m finding it near impossible to ignore.
I must acknowledge.

! ! ! ! !

Like the glee filled readiness of hunkering down for a brrrrr in the morning /  thisclose to hot in the afternoon tailgate. I’m telling you, there’s no other feeling like it.

Hoping the layer of bundle will be enough to withstand the a.m. hours,
realizing you might be a boiled mess by day’s end.
Grills blazing.
Music blaring.
Smiles and friendliness, merriment flowing.
The camaraderie that surrounds a pregame gets the blood pumping every. single. time.

It’s happiness.

& then, the game.

Our National Anthem sung by a most awesome voice.
The FLYOVER !!!!!  the fireworks.
The high fives and we’ve GOT THIS !! confidence.
& how I LOVE that 3rd quarter, standing ovation, thundering applause recognition for our proud to be an American Service Member.
This is US at our finest, folks !

The hang in there, we’ll get ’em next time sincere glance from that nice greeter lady who stands near the steps.
The walking back to the car explaining of why I shouldn’t jump off the Bears Bus conversation by a football knowing guy.
The doggone it chatter and miscellaneous yappin’ on the drive back home.
The comfort of my pillow when all was said and done.


& yesterday ?? well yesterday, Grandson #2 turned 5 !!


& here we are, today !! where I’m right now anticipating another fantastic sunrise,
I brewed a perfect cup of coffee
& as I’m glancing through texts and pics of hours well spent, I realize …


The Chicago Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers.
I’m kinda, sorta thinking I’ll survive.



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