Repeated … because it’s her time of year again and she makes my heart sooooo happy.

! Enjoy !

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I know !
Isn’t she the CUTEST ?!?!
Brother, Sis and I crossed paths with her, just yesterday
& since our trail wasn’t crowded with bikes, runners or fellow walkers, we stopped to watch for a few.

Slow and steady is what she was and what she did.
Going about her biz.
Determined to get from Point A to Point B
& just in case you’re wondering ?
I googled.

“Isabella Tiger Moth, Pyrrharctia Isabella.
The woolly bear is a fuzzy, orange and black caterpillar that becomes a dull, yellow to orange moth with a fat, furry thorax and a small head … one of the most familiar caterpillars, woolly bears are renowned wanderers.”

Renowned. ♥ Wanderers.

Oh & this morning ?
I’m still thinking about this beautiful life form.

There she was.
One teeny, tiny creature doing her teeny, tiny thing in this humongous place we call Earth.
She was created to do what woolly bears do
& apparently she’s trying her very best to get ‘er done.

Which makes me think about me.

Here we are.
Human beings.
Created to do what human beings are created to do.
Moving from Point A to Point B.
Trying our best to get ‘er done.


Makes me question if I am,
if WE are
accomplishing those very things we were placed on this Earth to get accomplished.

Golly, Isabella.
I sure hope so.


And When