Would You Rather

Would You Rather

I tried my very, VERY best not to repeat this old has-been, but I simply cannot stop myself because of two, simple words.



& right here is EXACTLY what I be talking about …

Enjoy !


– – – – – – – –

Just when I think I’ve been asked every single, impossible version of this simple, but oh so thought provoking question, Daughters invent another one
& another one
& another one.
Seems they enjoy puzzling my already puzzled mind.


but, as I was walking my walk yesterday, I do believe I unintentionally came up with one of my own.

Would you rather be too hot or too cold ?
what ?
Would you rather be too hot or too cold ??? my subconscious inquired
& that’s when it hit me.

I am so not a fan.
In fact, it’s pretty safe to say, I dislike it immensely.
I mean, really.
WHAT is the point of humidity ??

It quadruples my hairdo each day it is here.
It adds a moisty glisten to my face that I absolutely would rather not.
It’s a wall I bump into every flippin time I venture out my door
& yeah.
Combine humidity with the occasional hot flash that comes along at precisely alllllll the wrong moments ?
Uh huh.
You just better watch out buster, this one’s sure to implode.

Truth be told ?
I’m kinda missing my coat these days
Yep. I did just say that
& yes, it’s true.
My earmuffs, gloves and scarf too.
I’m missing that cold burst of freezing, that smack of wind chill, and even those double, sometimes tripled up booties on my always cold feet.

awwww Winter.
You get a bad rep but, I love ya baby.
I do.

Would I rather be too hot or too cold silly, silly me wonders ???
That’s an easy one.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

But, just to be sure, I better ask me again in January.