Corn Cob Contests

Corn Cob Contests

For those who have heard this one before, prepare yourself, you are about to experience it again because I’ve just this very minute !! discovered TODAY is !! National Corn on the Cob Day !!
! yippee !
& Corn on the Cob = Corn Cob Contests.

♥ YaY ♥

Corn Cob Contests came into existence as Family and I sat around the table one warm, lovely, back in the day evening.
With bellies full of delectable delights, we all kicked back to digest when some observant someone noticed Youngest Sister’s very neat, tidy, no sign of kernels, corn on the cob.

Hey ! would ya look at that. HaHa.
We all agreed, it was Pretty. Darn. Impressive.
& so, in remarkable unison, Mom, Dad, Siblings and I looked down at our plates.
We just HAD to compare.

Uh huh, there was no doubt about it.
Hands down.
Youngest Sister’s was the prettiest corn cob of all.

hellooooooo Corn Cob Contest.

We had to establish rules.

No double backing allowed.
aka: no fair going back to pluck off the strays.
& buddy we mean ONE go around only.

Automatic disqualification for not eating the very ends of the cob.
I know that seems harsh to those who don’t like eating the very ends of the cob, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
It was all about winning.

No eyeballing or stealing corn cob strategies, just pay attention to your own business, fella
& nope
it didn’t matter how you ate your corn.
Round and around and around or straight down across the line.
We weren’t at all picky about the differences in chomping styles.

Yes ! It was fun.
Pictures were taken.
Winners declared.
Memories made.

Sadly and for no apparent reason, one unfortunate day Corn Cob Contests simply ! ! poof ! ! disappeared from our lives.

Here. Gone.

But something tells me, oooooh, how something tells me, this !! WE’RE ALL FULLY VACCINATED !! summer will introduce the grandest of comebacks

& yep,

I sooooooo need to improve my strategy.