Any Ol’ Any Day

Any Ol’ Any Day


explaining how it’s ok to hold back, to not want to be first, to tuck feelings inside and pause before doing, shy quietly shares assurance and understanding.

yep, that’s my shy. And shhhh !! don’t tell anyone, but this is my very favorite written by me !!  children’s story because I relate in so many ways.

shy has settled into Amazon Land for about a year now, quietly doing what books do. It’s an ebb. It’s a flow. Lots or not. Sometimes noticed, sometimes unseen. And that’s exactly how it should be and why I love the randomness of life so much ’cause the way I figure, the right little someone will receive these words at the right little moment.


So imagine my glee as I was minding my biz yesterday evening when I received this delightful-ness

A preschool book report by a sweet soul who most likely had a wide choice of pages to choose. And he chose shy. ! He chose shy !

Yep. ’twas an INSTANT HEART MELT FOR SURE because THAT right THERE !! right THERE !! is my pot of gold.

! ! ♥ ! ! !

Riches and castles and fancy yachts and expensive trinkets and glitz are all fine and fine for those who adore such things, but I’ll take FOUR STARS from a pure heart any ol’ any day, each, every and allllllll the time !!


Thanks for the reminder, Life’s Randomness (and Eli)


I believe I’ll keep doing what I dooooooo.






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