I Have

I Have

I agree, Isaac, a part of me would, most definitely, die, fizzle out, expire … And it’s hard to explain to those who can’t comprehend the why I keep doing, why I’m awake at the crack of dawn, why I sit in the darkness and tap, tap, tap on this laptop, why I …

I’m lucky
& I KNOW I’m lucky. I wake up earlier than I ever have in my whole, entire life to write.

I write.
I write and I write and I write
& sometimes I have a point to make, sometimes I’m just trying to brighten a day and sometimes, like this, like now, I ramble.
I ramble about nothing and everything, about things that are important to me, the little bitty things.
Things that matter, really, REALLY matter to me.

& you know what ?

YOU matter to me
& THIS matters to me
& I just need to say, to acknowledge.
Because if not for YOU and the things you do to keep me moving along, I would not be here.
It is as simple as that.

So thanks.
Thank YOU.

I hope you continue to visit, to read, to enjoy these words because THIS and YOU are why I do what I do

& yes, Albert, it is, I do

I have.


‘Cause Jesus Told Me So




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