Happy Sad

Happy Sad

I watched his face as those sincere eyeballs zeroed in on Grandpa B and Auntie J. There they were, slowly yet very surely, making their way up the aisle and there he was, a proud kindergartner skillfully carrying out his ring-bearer duties.

Grandpa hugs Auntie, sits next to Gramma

& YaY !!

Auntie and Uncle are getting married !!

Throughout the ceremony, I kept watch as he’d ever so cautiously glanced our way and a no worries, thumb’s up smile I’d offer but soon after the ! I now pronounce you ! declaration was declared and congrats were flowing, this concerned grandson gently hugged and quietly asked, Why is Grandpa so sad ??

& yep, cue the heart immediately melting into a sentimental pile of mushy mush. But he definitely had a point ’cause, I mean, we’re at a wedding, right ?? and you told me there would be a whole bunch of happy and dancing and fun ! fun ! fun !! So ??? what’s the deal, Gramma ???

Oh, Little Boy

Maybe it was incredibly odd timing on our part but just the evening before, after rehearsing and while in the midst of pre-celebrating, our adult conversation simply, easily and honestly tumbled onto the road your Grandpa traveled to arrive at this spot.  The truth was told as the man we were talking to and about laughingly complained that he felt witness to his own funeral. Words of just how close he came to leaving this life, testimonies of I honestly didn’t think you’d make it  & high fives of DANG fella, YOU DID IT were spoken and finally ! ! there I said it ! ! released into the universe

& whoa. Emotional was the name of the game

so,  I sure hope I didn’t confuse your innocent, young self as I explained how sometimes when a person is overflowing with joy their feelings spill out, Grandpa isn’t sad at all


Lessons have been learned, my thoughtful grandboy, celebrations have been celebrated and one day, when it’s yours we await, you and I will reminisce about your ring-bearer days and you too will soooo understand the wonderfully humbling power of that trickle-y trickle of joy, called tears.