Don’t tell them, but I have 2 notebooks, one for each, that came to be when they started talking and in these notebooks I jot down every cute, little boy thing they do, every cute, little boy thing they say and when they graduate high school, I plan on gifting these notebooks to remind them of their good ol’ days.


& as I was recently thumbing through Grandson #2’s words and phrases and downright adorableness, I couldn’t help but get a bit soft and mushy on the inside because today is his birthday

! ♥ !

Ask him how old he is and he’ll respond with a very exuberant ! ! THREE ! ! or, er, ummm, he might exclaim ! ! FEE ! ! depending on what mood suits him in that moment

& right there sits our excitable soul in a nutshell

He is the sweetest, cuddliest, kindest kid in the world and he’s a bulldozer of brash all wrapped up in the same mini dude.

He’s got a smile that will lighten your load and brighten a room or he can suddenly and inexplicably cross those arms with a big humphy humph and lock you out of his zone

(no worries, 2 minutes later you’ll be back in)

He is a gentle, playful, kissie and hugs kind of guy and a ! ! CANNONBALL ! ! jumper into the unknown.

He will be your best, side by side, can’t get enough of you buddy or run off chasing bad guys with his Power Ranger, I’M the only one who can handle this stance

One of my scribbles in this Grandboy’s book reads, Daycare had to take down T’s family pic because whenever he noticed it, he’d cry”

Another, I’ll be right back, Daddy, go sit with your friends  (“friends” being his Grandpa and me)

& awwww

But a little bit farther along and a tad bolder, I find, FINE ! just throw me in the garbage !! 

& You’re NOT the KING (after being informed it was time to brush his teeth)

He cracks me up with his jokes and sillies.

He melts my heart with his pure, simple ways.

He will love to extreme bits or NOPE, not now.

He’s hot, he’s cold, he’s in, he’s out, he’s up, he’s down and we are sooooo very blessed to call him ours.

Happy ! ! THREE ! ! Grandson



ummm, maybe it’s ! ! FEE ! !

Either way, don’t tell your brother I’m taking notes.