We Can

We Can

They call it Family Education Day and it’s there where I followed Husband as he showed off renewed skills and where his awesome rehab team offered tips on how I can help this healing process

& interesting, it was !! as many, tiny puzzle pieces will  need to come together to welcome back life as we knew it.

But, truth be told ?

I’m somewhat embarrassed by the things I take for granted, every day routines that come so automatic are put into a whole new light when one is stripped of every little thing they’ve ever deemed normal and as I shadowed those wonderful souls on that awe-inspiring afternoon, humbled was what I became, respectful is what I remain.

The Physical Therapy Gym will stay in my brain for a very long while because in this room the laughter sang, the voices encouraged, the just born friendships bonded and might I just take this moment to hand out a boatload of big, BIG CHEERS to the purity of kindness, the power of BELIEVE  and the rebuilding sensation of YES, you can !!

Oh Human Spirit, how monumentally strong you are when the energy of that one someone seeps into your soul and you begin to realize what their !! you’ve GOT this !! whispers have been encouraging all along

& imagine this world if you, he, she, I, they, them and WE generated a mere portion of that positively infusing vibe.

! ♥ ! ! !

Husband is home now,

and we have entered into a different phase of meeting, greeting, cheery up-lifters. But as we venture forward, I promise I will continue to share the game-changing message of these unselfish beings, for I am infinitely grateful to those who take the extra step, who walk that one more mile, who help, coax, urge, embolden and who know, with all their hearts,


You Matter