Humbly Here

Humbly Here

I know I sometimes seem obsessed with the sky and trees and nature and sunrises and stars and critters and



as if I am waiting, watching and continually distracted by up, around, over, under and somewhere
& I suppose I am.
But, DANG.
Look at this


Aren’t they pretty ?!??

Taken on a beautiful, late summer day with my simple phone, at a place I just happened to be and !! bam !! there these beauties were, patiently waiting,



& how’s about this guy ??

He sat right smack in front of me, he did, prancing and posing until I selfie-d his perfect self

or this

one single stray on a mile long trail and hellooooo, aren’t YOU delightful ??!!?

& then I thought, this view on that singular day is just one, teeny tiny, minuscule image, one postage stamp, one itsy smidge of this magnificent planet !!


There are a gazillion other remarkable, absolutely miraculous happenings happening around us every ! single ! minute! of every ! awesome ! day !

Just thinking about it makes me want to burst with a whole lotta happy !! because I’m sooooo darn thrilled and completely humbled to be HERE.

So yeah.

Call me obsessed or coo-coo or a tad bit removed from what’s going on in this world but as you do, remember to look around and take that moment to glance here and there and all over.
There’s a tremendous amount of !! amazing !!  waiting for you too.