I LOVE when sentences just randomly pop up to be noticed when I need to see them most and these did just that as I was minding my business, flipping through pages the other day

& bam. There they were and there I was scribbling away, knowing I would keep this gem forever.

Google tells me the definition of catastrophe includes an event causing great and often sudden damage or suffering; a disaster  and from Husband’s vantage point, yep, catastrophic most definitely fits as he was the one to carry the stress and physical pain of it all. But from my view ?? Heck, all I did was maneuver my comings and goings from hospital to hospital and I did that through the extreme generosity of my family.

But that word transformation ??  That one is alllll mine. Because I was, I did, I am.

Funny the things that scare the crap outta ya when one is catapulted out of a comfort zone and funny how an adjustment here and a change there and presto.

Hello, Stronger.

& if someone would have informed me where I’d be and how far I would emotionally travel way back in June when this journey began ?? I’d have given them a BIG ol’ nooooooo way ! Not meeeeeee ! for I don’t budge much outside these lines, see ? I hold it tight and stay within and I do not stray away from the this and the that’s and the other. I just don’t. I play it safe and settled andandand

& sometimes life throws a frightening but amazing curve ball and there you go. You do what you have to and you learn.

It’s been quite the ride, Universe, but I thank you for the lessons on this thought provoking, ever changing, zig-zaggity cosmic arrangement you’ve placed us on.

Because now ??

I know I can.


Oh Yes I Can