Needs Improvement

Needs Improvement

Repeated because my Needs Improvement check-mark is working overtime these days.

! YaY !

– – – – – – – – – –

It sits to my right and changes as I tap, tap, tap on my laptop and most days, I’m comfortable with it’s evaluation of me.

OK or GOOD and Yippeeeeee !! I get orange or green. But every once in awhile, along comes that ‘Needs Improvement’ warning and booooo !! there’s that doggone red check-mark. Again.

IT is the Readability Notifier on my website and I’m fascinated by it’s honesty. Bummer you can’t see it, though, as it sits in my drafts and disappears once I hit ‘publish’ Seems I’m the only one it judges but, believe me, it’s a hoot !! and most definitely tickles my every day fancy

& truth be told ? I’m kinda, sorta surprised that I pass it’s daily test because ummmm, you may or may not have noticed but, I’m not your average writer. I stray off the proper road of punctuation every now and again with my just because !! exclamation points !! and I like to place a space between my question and my question marks because ?? why not ?? I think it looks cuter that way !! Oh, and sometimes I forget a comma or place quotations marks where italics should be & I really like the & sign !! and I’ve been known to enjoy way too many dot dot dots … simply because I adore dots and those paragraphs !!?!! Where in the world are my conventional paragraphs ??

Which leads me to a soft-spoken, in the news all the time, someone who mentioned in an interview that he stays away from social media nowadays because he’d rather not see the infinite commentary about what he does and how he does things. Be it good or bad, this kind soul said he’s not going to allow people and their opinionated opinions have control over his mindset.

To which I replied !! YOU GOOOOOOO, GUY !!!!!

because speaking from experience ?? too many chatters and assessments by others and that self confidence takes a nosedive & somewhere down this undisciplined road I’ve been on, I have found an amazing secret …





I’ll be ME

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

so hey, READability notifier ?? Thanks for that Oh Yes, I Can reminder !! & yep !! I am quite aware that my ramble oftentimes “needs improvement” but, you know what ?? That’s fine.

! ! Just Fine ! ! !